Does anyone know a tutor?

Does anyone have the name of a Shapr3D tutor who could work through Zoom or something similar? Currently I am designing an external frame backpack and have to get the frame to the point where I can send it to a fabricator for discussion.

I need:

  • Someone who could answer a questions I have about how I am building my models. I am losing too much time searching on my own for answers about simple things like extending the length of construction lines, selecting one thing without selecting another, deforming boxes to make them look like they are made of fabric, etc. Yes, all that info is out there but it is taking me hours to get these things figured out
  • Maybe 2 - 30 minute sessions a week
  • I’m in the US on Pacific Standard Time, but will try coordinate with someone well outside my time zone
  • My Shapr3D skill level is beginner but I am familiar with CAD having used AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup professionally as an architect.



Firstly please understand that I am not a Tutor.

I do understand where you are coming from with regard to experience and Software familiarity.

The demise of the free downloadable version of SketchUp forced me to consider less expensive alternative options.

This Forum has many Members prepared to help, especially if the less experienced S3D User is willing to help themselves. This help is free with no strings attached, why not try asking a question and go forward from there? Your ongoing choice(s) will be respected.

When considering investing in New Software it is prudent to ascertain what it is capable of doing, in your hands. It is pointless wishing that it could do, what you want it to do, in the manner it could be done in familiar software.

My MO learning about S3D was to choose a Menu, in perceived order of priority [e.g., the Main menu on the side], and then open the first/top Tool/Feature Icon.

Whatever was revealed by clicking an Icon was investigated to see how it functioned, what I could achieve by using it or how the the information presented would help my understanding.

IMO there is no substitute to gain knowledge and familiarity, efficiently, other than actual use.

There is need to ensure that every Tool/Feature is investigated, say by checklist, but you do not have to do it in strict order. Quite the reverse, as you find things that are useful make prompt use of them and it can be surprising how quickly things fall into place.

At this point you will be thinking about the time this will involve, but at some point you must assimilate sufficient information, by your own efforts or from a Tutor.

Assuming you will ask a question, bear with me for guessing that it would be about Modelling Tubes [given that these could be used to construct the BackPack Frame mentioned above].

The following give some pointers to how this could be achieved.
Forming a Frame using Sweep, during the Sketch some of the Points were locked previously to keep within the video size limits:

So a Frame requires serious changes, Hide the old Body, modify the Sketch, and of course to finish you would ned to Sweep it again:

A further change to the Frame Shape, this shows the origin of the Curve used for the Change:

A little more Sweeping and then a Mirror:

S3D is capable of almost anything you throw at it.
Notice the cost, only a short time, noting that when I tried to upload this around 08:30 GMT I have had to wait 8 or so hours due to the Forum being [extremely unusually] Down.
Feel free to Message me if you consider that best for you to impart the problems you have.
I will do my best to respond promptly.
Hey, if it does not work for you there will be nothing lost?

What is in it for me, keeping the Grey matter active and helping to build a strong Community, the latter protects the Investment by helping to maintain S3D’s Customer Base.


Fabric? Fabric is more of an organic shape. Shapr is not so good at organic models. More for engineering.

You need to think outside the box there. A skinning tool in the future might be handy.

I’m using Gravity Sketch on my Oculus Quest which has amazing skinning capability.

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What tool are you using to make these videos?


Unsure what Fabric you are referring to.
Organic/Skinning would seem to equate to Lofting?

The Apple Feature that you can turn on within iPad Settings under S3D.

He mentions “fabric” in his tut request. Yes lofting is the best course.

PC guy so I will look for the Apple feature thanks. Renting my Girlfriends iPad to play/ learn Shapr… The fee is horrific! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Highly likely to be Metal Tubes/Rods, and so appear to represent a hard material.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the tutorial on pipes, but I already know how to create pipes. I included them in my list only because they are indicative of the kinds of things I’d like to talk with a tutor about.

I encounter small problems that stall me out and I don’t want to bother the forums with the questions. My issues also may be strung together in how I am approaching the problem. My process and mental model may be wrong based on prior experience with other CAD programs. So maybe that’s where I really need to look at what I am doing. I find that kind of thing easier to sort out in a conversation over a shared screen.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

This is why I probably need to just talk with someone quickly and sort it out. Sorry if I seem dense, but are you saying I need to find software that does “lofting” if I am going to do something like create and attach bags that look like fabric to the frame? Not that you’d know that is exactly what I am doing, but it’s a skill I need. I only listed it as the type of thing I need help with. Hence my search for a tutor I can get on a call with and walk through things.

If you’d like real looking fabric you should look to a simulation software like marvelous designer or if you want artistic/stylized fabric then zbrush for sculpting could work.

Shapr will drive you mad if you want to achieve real folds that settle with gravity and look real.

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Does anyone know anyone I could get on the phone/zoom with? It’s a great way for me to work. I can explain my context and get someone to see if my base approach is wrong. Thanks.

Thanks. Good to note that I may need to go outside of Shapr to do this!

Lofting + projecting should get you what you want. It will be kind of klunky but “should work” I would think. At least enough to get your idea to the production guys. Look at the Running shoe tutorial. It should the projection tool. Lofting a simulated material would be tedious but doable. Shapr doesn’t allow you to loft single lines, rather enclosed shapes AFAIK.