1/7000 scale tabletop Space ship

Just started using this software about 3 weeks ago. This is my first design (already on my 4th design was going to post more images but new people can only embed one image) The ship is designed to be 3D printed in resin and used in tabletop gaming. Shapr3D is so easy its addictive.


Very nice. Can you say what the actual size (length) at 1/7000 scale that is?

595 meters would be 85mm at 1/7000. I have printed smaller ships with no problems so this shouldn’t be an issue. (unable to print at this time due to heating issues in my garage so all the resin printers are out of action)

This design is over kilometer in length (about the same as a Star Wars Star Destroyer) , so 185mm in length at 1/7000 scale. Can’t wait to get this one printed.


Hi @MadMac ,these ships look powerful ! What’s the name of the game You are playing with this model?

Sehr schöne Arbeit. Cool?

Here is another finished design. This ship is 700 meters long, at 1/7000 scale that is 100mm in length.


Sorry for some reason I deleted my post replying to you. I am designing these ships to be usable in many different tabletop game systems. I currently use many of my printed models in games of Full Thrust and Attack Vector.

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Thanks. I haven’t heard about it. I’ll check it out :wink: .