Failing to create a ship

Long story short I am attempting to recreate a starship design I created on Sketchup, and I have wound up fighting shapr3d the entire way. Basically the ship’s primary hull is made up of four sided pyramids, the image attached is a very old and very bad initial design of the ship, all I had left after I lost access to Sketchup. Ignore the extraneous pieces on the side and look at the bow. I have tried and tried to recreate that shape in shapr3d and failed. I was considering buying a monthly subscription but now, not so much.

SketchUp and Shapr3D are very difrerent animals, but it’s definitely not impossible to design a spaceship in Shapr3D. Where did you get stuck?

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Extremely detailed vessels can be made easily with Shapr3D, and it’s easy to learn. I started on this after only a couple of months with Shapr:

The ship in your image doesn’t look too hard to make in Shapr3D. You could possibly do that with minimal time spent learning it.


OK that doesn’t help me. Where would I learn how to make that shape? Simple extrusions don’t work

Shapr3d has extremely good tutorials, manuals, along with YouTube videos………the resources offered through Shaper, and other sources are large. Resources along with the extremely intuitive design of Shapr3d should allow you to make any shape you desire. Because it is so intuitive I skipped the tutorials, and simply “played” with the app, however, i decided to go through the tutorials, and watch YouTube videos……the combination of “playing”, and tutorials seemed to do the trick (it took about a week or 2). So I believe that is how you would learn to make that shape.