1941 Original to replika

I had the rare opportunity to take some photos (of this impossible to obtain) and from them created this replika.

Complicated organic form imho. To many hours to get it right… but fun!

100% Shapr3D.

Tried the chrome shell with both FDM 0,1mm (smoothed by IPA) and MSLA 4k 0,03-0,01mm.

Used the MSLA and FDM for carbon fiber and rubber parts.

More at http://Hudson41.com /antennfot/
(or http://e.pc.cd/xcTotalK if blocked)


Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

That is excellent work, great attention to detail.

I’d love to see some photos of the interior.

Thank you for the kind words. I really tried to keep true to the original except I embossed that logo somewhat extra.

Interior way back 1998 before fake radio:

A print I draw some years back based on brochyres (here before touch up). Now I found the real thing that is almost ready to be installed.
(All to be found at the site http://Hudson41.com)