New old parts

OT Copied from ‘Feature request’:

My playroom is here, Mockups, or real stuff, all from AM-radios to engine parts or tools. Previously it was FormZ, then a combo (extremely strong together, covering all aspects), but lately more and more solely Shapr. Love to casually stand in the (oily) shop holding my Mini and scramble down some thoughts/ideas to a 3D.
Some interesting reproduction of antique (and impossible to find) external part to be CNC’ed and chromed is in the pipe. (Besides this, I really do some serious product development for the company…)

Some browser throw in a warning, it’s a forward from the domain host to pCloud. Old beauty with some CAD/Print ‘solutions’ and Gremlins with almost no CAD (tough I have produced some toys :slight_smile:

Most often I use a combo of FormZ and Shapr as the compliment each other wonderfully and the STEP transfer is flawless. Some day I expect less or no roundtrips is necessary anymore, this with the tremendous evolution of Shapr.

Here is one example found in the folder ‘Vattenpump’ (Water pump), this is exclusively done in Shapr. I needed to understand where the weak point where in the pump to make it hold together another 80 years.