2D Drawing anomaly

Take a look at this.
Shapr produced this 2D drawing from my design.
Note the position of the rectangular plate with the 2 holes.
In the front elevation at the top of the page the plate should be on the bottom, but it’s shown at the top (where it would be if 3rd angle projection). The rest of the drawing is in first angle, what’s going on?Drawing.pdf (85.3 KB)

Regards Richard.

Hi Richard,
Could you please define which part of the drawing is not correct in your opinion? I checked it and it seems like it is correct.

If the model is different than the drawing, could you please send a shapr file to us? Thank you very much in advance!
Best regard,
(p.s. If you want to get a drawing with third angle projection, you should create a drawing with ANSI sheet size)

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Hi Dora.
I’ll show you on Wednesday if that’s ok. Busy at the moment thankyou.
I produced another 2D drawing today of a separate assembly and lines were missing.
See you Wednesday thanks.
Regards Richard

Do you know, I looked and looked and looked at this before I originally messaged and I was sure it was wrong, but no! I see it now, it’s good. My sincere apologies Dora.
Thanks and regards Richard.

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No problem Richard, I’m happy to help you! If the other drawing with the separate assembly is still wrong, please send us the workspace to check the problem.

Best regards,

Hi Dora,no it’s fine. It was me. Thanks.
However, 2 things:-

  1. Great about the 3rd Angle Projection function, but why did no one tell me? I have been asking for many months! But why isn’t it available in A4, A3 etc? We use it in those paper formats in UK and so do ISO Standards?
  2. See attached 2 pictures. When I try to dimension a portion of my assembly, the sub assembly is not drawn flat to screen as is normal, it appears isometrically e.g. in the orientation it has to the “world coordinates” x y z, in the main 3D model, which means it’s difficult to dimension etc? How can I get it to be as a normal 2D elevation, square to screen?
    Thankyou and regards Richard.