2D drawing views

When I make a 2D drawing, all the views are 3D isometric. How do I get them back to perfect orthographic views?

Thank you

Hi, could you please upload some screenshots or the Shapr3D design? That would help a lot in finding the possible causes. Thanks!


Open the View/Appearance menu, and set the Field of View to 0, that should change the camera to orthographic.

I would like to get them back to perfect side projection, but they are rotated. I tried to rotate them back by hand, but can’t get it perfectly straight.

That just takes off the perspective. I’m looking to get it back to side projection.

Thanks, as I can see the workpiece is rotated in the 3D space. Please note that the projections for the drawings are made according to the X, Y, and Z axes of the world coordinate system.

To get back the workpiece to an accurate position, you can use the Align tool that lets you align bodies to other bodies or sketches. In this case, a simple circle sketch will help a lot on the base plane.