2D drawings date wrong

Does anyone know why the 2D drawings are listing todays date (3/1/23) as the 1st of March (1/3/23). They have the day and month the wrong way round. I can’t submit these drawings until it’s fixed. Checked my international settings and they are correct so it must be the app doing it wrong.

Am on iPad O/Sv15.

I am from USA, but I work in China. China and Europe are the same. The Euro-date system lists the the “Day of the Month of the Year”. It’s not wrong, it’s just a different standard.
There is a thread on this here:

If the date can’t be localised to the user, could we at least use a standard format so that everyone can benefit? ISO 8601 Would be the obvious choice as it is unambiguous.

I have also the date wrong, displayed the american way , not taking the locale in consideration


With the newest version you will be able to change the text fields in the title block by double clicking on them. This opens up the possibility to change the content of the title block including entering the date in the desired format.