iPad - 4.1 - A round of 2D drawings updates and more

Hi everyone!

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of our latest release, we want to give a shout-out to all of you for giving us feedback about our 2D drawings feature and new pricing plans :pray: We’ve got our sleeves rolled up, so stay tuned.

In version 4.1, we’re serving up some 2D drawings updates:
*Fixed: The bottom view was projected incorrectly—flipped 180 degrees—in the previous release, but we fixed it right away.

:warning: If you created drawings using app version 4.0, we recommend you manually recreate any projections of the bottom view.

*Fixed: If you accidentally gave your 2D drawing an insanely long name, you might’ve noticed that the app stopped responding and refused to export the drawing. We added a character limit so you’ll see a proper error message, not an unresponsive app. Try to keep the name short and sweet.
*Improved: If you export a drawing featuring multiple bodies, the file will inherit the workspace’s name.
*Improved: We boosted our fractional precision in the workspace and drawing sheet so measurements are rounded to the nearest 1/64 of an inch, not â…›.

Aside from :point_up:we made lots of tweaks, including:
• Fixed: Earlier you couldn’t select all bodies in imported IGES models to create 2D drawings. The case is solved now since we’ve taken out the bug that was behind this mishap.
• Fixed: If you started sketching without opening the Sketch menu in the previous app version, sometimes the top bar buttons would go missing and—even worse—the active design would disappear from your design library when you exited the design space.


Thank you for fractional precision to 1/64 inch! This makes the 2d drawing feature MUCH more useful for manufacturing and fab shop production. Cant wait until there are .xxxx decimal places instead of .xx

Looking forward to future improvements!


Thanks @DonB!

Custom decimal precision (.xx, .xxxx, etc) coming up shortly, it’s on the top of the Drawings improvement list…


Firstly, I would like to thank you for the beautiful work with 2D Drawings.

Secondly, is it possible to add the following two features?

  • Changing the measurement in the 2D drawing mood.
  • Tolerance (+ / -) of each dimension

I love the 2D drawings but will the ability to change the view of the isometric body in 2D drawing come out? Sometimes It does change the view but it seems random and only has happened a handful of times. For example change the view of the isometric from NE to SE in 2D drawings.