3.01 Spline drawing issues & smoothness + filleting problems


I am tying to create a spline around an image I have imported. The dimensions of the image are 330mm x 460mm & I have resized this correctly in Shapr3d.

When trying to create the spline close to the image outline it is easier if zoomed in. If I try to move the image with two fingers without lifting the Apple Pencil it will allow me to move it once & continue creating the spline then I can no longer move it?

I have managed to create the spline all of the way around the image but had to do it zoomed out so it is hard to follow accurately.

Then when I extrude the closed spline the edges are not very smooth at all, as pointed out in an earlier thread.

If I double tap the extruded spline & try to fillet it I get an out of range message unless I am zoomed in super close. Then it will not let me do a radiused fillet larger than 6-7mm?

The spline has a lot of curves & points.

It’s this kind of shape https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c2/2c/f9/c22cf97b677005deaa08cb10e2c1903f.jpg


yes, the zooming issue is known and we will fix it, so it is more consistent. As for the accuracy issue:

The most important thing with spline is - especially, when you are tracing an image -, that you don’t have to be 100% accurate when you place the points, because you can go back and edit, position each of your points

Just select the point and start to drag it, just like you would do with a normal line.


Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s much easier if you get the spline as close as possible first time. It takes much longer to go back & correct afterwards.

When you say the zooming issue is known is that in relation to moving around the zoomed image?

What about the radiused filleting that will only work when zoomed in? Also the fillet range should be bigger, I know it will work on this geometry as I have done it in Solidworks?

I am having trouble moving points in a spline. When I try to move them they draw new lines instead of moving the curve. What am I doing wrong? Have watched the tutorial many times.

To move a point, select it first (point becomes blue) and then you can drag it. You can select multiple points and drag them together. Also if you double tap with pencil on a sketch it selects all it’s connected points, so you can move whole shapes this way. It works on edges as well.

Happy shaping!

Aha! Thanks.