Spline doesn't work

I don’t know why, but spline command doesn’t work, it’s the same as line/arc command… I press down with the pen… but it just appears a straight line… I would like to know how to fix that…


Could you record a short video with it? It would help a lot in figuring out what’s happening.

Please also share your app and OS version, and the device + pen.


I’m really sorry but I can only share screenshots, and I only have problems with Spline… the first picture is when I use Spline with mouse, and as you can see the line is orange… The second picture is when I use Spline with pencil and as you can see the line is green… I can’t control it… it’s just a straight line… I would really like to know how I can fix it… or if it’s a bug… My pc is a Lenovo Yoga 6 (convertible), I use pencil only while I am in tablet mode… but maybe this feature doesn’t work on convertibles… which is a shame… I wish you can help me!! Thanks in advance

well this is the second picture!! sorry but I couldn’t upload in a single message…

Hi, while drawing the spline, you should not lift the pen off the screen. Lifting the pen away will finish the spline, it will not be possible to place any more control points.
Please try to swipe the pen on the screen and push it towards the screen where a control point should be placed.

Yes! That’s what I did! I never lift my pen… But It is always a green straight line… when I use mouse the line is orange…

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Oh I see, then please send us what Laci asked for in the first answer :slight_smile: If the forum doesn’t allow you to do so, please feel free to contact us at support@shapr3d.com

yes I am really sorry I can’t upload any attachments… but I’ll contact the support soon thanks a lot!!

I sent the video via wetransfer to the e mail address you sent me

Okay Peter I sent you the link to download the video from WeTransfer WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free.
Thanks in advance

:+1: well I Sent you another video, because it doesn’t work… WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free here’s the link

Thanks, I’ve received them both. Could you please check if any other app is able to recognize pencil pressure?

Yes Autodesk Sketchbook works with pressure! :sunglasses: and works well… So I don’t know how to fox the problem…

Appreciate the feedback, could you please give the fit point spline a try? We have an idea and it would be great if you could confirm that the fit point version works fine.

Well actually I tried right now and it doesn’t work as well… I don’t know if I al doing something wrong, I still press on the screen while moving the pencil, and then I nove around when I find the control position…

Hi Peter, any news?

Not yet, we are still investigating

okay thanks a lot Peter! Any news?

Hi Peter, I installed latest update for Shapr3d but spline doesn’t work with my pencil… but it works if I use mouse…

I faced such problem few days ago…the problem is the way I use pencil to draw spline…when you arrive at second point of your spline just press the pencil…u will got spline…