3 updates needed for my workflow

First of all I wan’t to thank the developers for the upgrades done over the last few year.
I am working on another commercial interior project and I am now able to us Shapr3d as my only software.

I do have a few updates that I need to improve my workflow.

- 1 Copy an past objects from one file into another. I already elaborated on the reasons for this feature in another post. I would save me hours of work if this simple feature would be implemented.

- 2 The ability to add and remove objects to and from your existing technical drawing.
At this moment there is no other option then to make a new technical drawing when you need to add a small extra object to it. I am loosing many hours of work because of this. Please consider the option to add and remove objects from exiting technical drawing , so you can update them instead of having to redraw them.

- 3 Small technical drawing features needed:

  • Detail view is not there yet, this option was coming , what happened ??
  • Changing size of text : sometimes the font is too big. The only option I have to make the font smaller is to change the canvas size .
  • Snapping dimensions and notes in line.
  • group export pdf : most of the time I make many technical drawing that I would like to export in one file.


In point 2, it is possible to add objects, see picture
and to delete, just select and delete


I understand what you are saying , but it’s not what i mean. When a drawing is complex and has a lot of elements you often want to add or delete a part from that drawing. So for example if your table has many small parts like bolts and screws and you decide to add a bolt. Then you have to make that drawing again.

You are correct that you can add another object, but then there is no measurement possible between those object.


i see, you have a lot of things going on there… :sweat_smile:

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