Requested updates

I have a few update requests that I would like you to consider.

Manufacturing drawing.

1. Being able to add or remove an object from an existing drawing. When having a complex technical drawing and you want to add one part you will have to redraw the entire drawing. This is vey labor intensive. To avoid this now I add some cubes in the drawing that I can remodel to something else later in the process if I need an extra part. but this is very unorthodox. When you want to remove a part from your drawing you have to delete it entirely from your file, but then it’s lost in all other drawings as well.
1a . Substracting a body results in loosing these parts in the drawing. Perhaps they can stay visible. Sometimes I just subtract some part to clean it up and then I have the redraw the entire drawing.

  1. Center lines are often repositioned after closing the drawing and reopening (without changing the actual model) This means that they have to be drawn over and over again after opening and closing a drawing, Also this happens sometimes with measurements, but less often. I have send out many drawings with mistakes because of that.

  2. Detail view Many times I need this option now I have to result to external software like photoshop to add it.

  3. Aligning measurements. I spend a lot of time putting the measurement in line, and then still they are a bit off. It would be very helpful to have some sort of snapping function. ( same goes for aligning the drawings itself )

  4. Multi pages export It would be very good to have a multi pages export and organizing function. This makes exporting sets of drawings very organized and easy.


1. I would be very helpful to have instances included. When having to replace many parts in complex models like bolts for example with a updated version. It would be very easy to just have to change one and not all of them.

Most of these issues will be addressed in the coming months. We are heavily investing in Drawings, an entire team will exclusively work on it and rapidly deliver many many improvements.


Thank you Istvan , I am very happy to hear that.