3D printer slicer for Ipad ! PikaSlicer

Finnaly a resin printing slicer app for the ipad :wink:


Looks like a great app.
I tried searching for it in the app store to see what the subscription cost is but couldn’t find it.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The cost seems fairly reasonable :ok_hand:

It’s definitely have some kinks and bugs to iron out, but it’s definitely a good start.

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I found this slicer (FDM 3D Printers). I’m still testing its capabilities, but it looks pretty good.

$1,046.00/week X-P

~ 3€ Monthly.

I only got alternative 4 and 6 on my iPad at first.

Here is the complete list
App Store Preview

  1. Flexibility 1,99 лв [7 days]
  2. Great Choice 5,99 лв [1 month]
  3. Choice of the Independent 194,99 лв [3 month]
  4. Being a Business Angle 1 999,99 лв [7 days]
  5. 3D Expert’s Choice 57,99 лв [1 year]
  6. Students Only 1,99 лв [1 year]

probably Bulgarian Lev (BGN), 1US$ = 1.845

I would go for #5 $32.50/y (all equal functionality?)

Looks more reasonable.

I use Kiri:Moto which can be used on the iPad. CNC slicing doesn’t work, but the FDM and resin profiles seem to work okay.