Resin printer slicers

I know there’s plenty of information everywhere else on this, but I’m curious what the Shapr community uses.

I bought my first resin printer (and first printer ever), an Anycubic Mono X, and was looking at slicer options outside of the native Anycubic option.

What I’m having trouble finding, surprisingly, is an iPad slicer software. I don’t want to have to sit at a computer to get things ready to print if I don’t have to. However this doesn’t seem like an option, so what are you guys using?

What’s your workflows?

I have seven 3D printers of 4 brands. One is a resin printer. I do not understand why there is a desire to use a slicer outside of what is provided by the manufacturer of the printer. The “OEM” slicing software is presumably optimized for their printer. This is particularly true for resin type printers, as there are characteristics of the resin, the light source, speed and feed, all which lead to a successful vs unsuccessful print. There is also the potential that external slicers could void the warranty or maybe cause damage if the external slicer attempted a setting outside the range of the printer’s mechanism.

I have seen many posts where people ask why they have a failed print, only to discover later, that they used an external slicer, so they could use a special filament or resin, which may or may not be compatible with the overall 3D printer manufacturer’s infrastructure.

I use the 4 different slicers associated with each brand of my printers. I have stuck to this practice since day 1, and have kept materials within the authorized realm of materials “allowed” by the printer manufacturer. This has enabled me to have very high levels of printing success of my parts.