3d Printing failure

I have a question. If I put a case with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm in the spot and then export it as an STL file and import it into a slicing program, I have a problem because the object cannot be printed completely, because some spots are too thin, although I have explicitly set that the cover is the same as the nozzle size at 0.4mm. The thin surface is pretty important because of the use of the part is an air foil. Do you have any idea? Thank you:)


To my knowledge, there are two ways to get a 0.4mm wall thickness using a 0.4mm nozzle. The first is to have the wall thickness horizontal where two layers at .2mm or 4 layers at .1mm height can give you a thickness of 0.4mm. The second way is to print in ‘vase mode’ which by definition prints an object with one nozzle thickness in a spiral fashion.

Another option is to do the print with a resin printer.

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In addition to @TigerMike’s reply, some slicers have an option to detect thin walls (at least Prusa slicer has such an option).



Thank you! Do you know whether the cura slicer has this function too?

Thank you for the ideas! I’m going to test them asap. But resin print is not an option because of the size of the model.

Yeah, Cura has it too, the setting is called Print thin walls

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