Slicing issues on Cura

Hi there! I’m having issues with my model being sliced through Cura to convert into G-Code. I united all bodies with all layers visible, exported to STL, tried both low and high resolution exports, dimensions in mm. I have some models that slice perfectly and others that do not even with using the same settings to export. Below is what my model is supposed to look like and then what it looks like after it is sliced on Cura

Anyone know what the issue is?

Did you try slicing with slicr or another slicer just to see what the result is? If you post the stl I can slice in prusa slicer and see what i get…

Side walls too thin? Maybe thinner than your printer is capable of printing :woman_shrugging:

I’m not an expert, but I’d guess it’s your cura settings because it looks like only the thin portions on top are being omitted. Check the thickness of those walls.

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Okay, after countless research, I finally found a solution. I didn’t want to thicken up the walls even if that could’ve solved my issue here. I enabled and ticked the ‘Print Thin Walls’ in the shell settings. IT WORKED!

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