3MF import?

We have 3MF export, but not import?
I assumed we could do both.
I’m getting 3D scans sent as 3MF and cannot open them.

I even told my buddy that does the scanning about 3MF format because I heard about it through here, and explained why it was so much better.

Please, we need this import option.


Hi @NathanD , looks like there is demand for it, so I’m sure that we will add it at some point of time.


This option is an absolute must have. When can we expect it?


Hi @Zebrewz06, we haven’t yet added 3MF import to our roadmap. Why do you need 3MF import? Can you help us understand your workflow?

I’ve had an interest in 3MF as well. I’m led to believe it offers higher resolution and far more details for 3D printing. An introduction to the 3MF file format

For importing or exporting?

3MF contains the exact same mesh as an STL file or any other mesh format, but it also stores more information, like units, colors, and other attributes. But the geometry is not more detailed due to the format, that solely depends on export resolution. You can get the exact same geometry quality with STL and 3MF, the primary benefit of 3MF is that it has units, so it’s guaranteed that you will end up with an accurate model and won’t have to resize it after importing it to another application.

Ps.: 3MF should be always preferred over STL.

Trying to prefer 3MF. Can S3D import 3MF?

Hey Istvan, thanks for the quick response!

I do a lot of 3D printing and a lot of files are in the 3MF format. In order to make small changes to a file, I need to be able to import as 3MF. I use Shapr exclusively and have no work around to do so.


No, we support 3MF export only. Editing mesh files in Shapr3D (just like in most CAD systems) is relatively limited, and mesh bodies are mostly used as a reference for reverse engineering.

I see. Unfortunately even if we implemented 3MF import, the editing options would be quite limited. You can try how it would work by importing an STL file, basically 3MF would behave exactly like that. Shapr3D is not a mesh modeler, but a CAD system, and just like in most CAD systems, editing options for mesh bodies are relatively limited. For editing mesh files, you’ll need a 3D graphics software. CAD systems are very good at editing and creating accurate curves and surfaces, but when it comes to mesh data, they are less powerful. Mesh data is usually an output format for certain manufacturing technologies, but as an input it most often just used as a reference for reverse engineering.

Thanks, I was hoping and assuming since it is “exact same as STL” that we would be able to do precisely the same thing we can do with STL and do the binary operations.


Yes, basically you’d be able to perform boolean operations.

Exporting initially, but importing might also be advantageous.

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Export is already supported :slight_smile:

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I stand corrected. Export is already supported. It’s my 3D printer I’ve asked for them to support. My bad. Too many toys…! :rofl:

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@McD What software do you use to drive your 3D printer? Cura supports 3MF maybe try that.