5.300 - Maximize your efficiency with the new context menus

Enhance your modeling experience with the new context menus and another set of tweaks and interface changes.

  • Improved: Now you can find the depth of field settings in the Camera tab in Visualization.
  • Improved: Pinned measurements now include measurement annotations for angle, parallel distance, and center distance.
  • Improved: Get a less cluttered workspace! Locked sketch dimensions now match the visibility of other constraints.

macOS and Windows only:

  • New: Quickly access tool options and settings with the new context menus.

macOS and iOS only:

  • Fixed: Shapr3D no longer opens slowly when the device is offline.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. :arrow_down:


Thanks Jerez. The upgrades are always something to look forward to :slightly_smiling_face:

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Upgrades are the only way I justify the price! Keep ‘em coming. Although I’ve used SketchUp since 2007, I love Shapr3D and it’s become the only thing I use for 3D printing…


I don’t see this update in test flight

The update doesn’t seem to have been pushed to Windows store yet.

It is, however we are using a phased rollout, which takes a few days to reach everyone.

If you want to force the Store to update the app, go to Library, and press the Check for updates button, then install the updates.


Try restarting the TestFlight app, sometimes it just doesn’t refresh itself.

Still no luck

Let’s discuss it in PM, I contacted you.


Just installed this update on my Mac. How the heck do you create a new sketch plane. It used to be double right click on the axis or the surface you want to draw on. Now all I get is the context menu.

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Hover on the face you want to sketch to, and press Space.

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Thank you!

It would be good if shadow intensity can be adjusted as well…….

It can, with light intensity:

Or do you mean in the context menu?

I mean the shadow intensity on the background, the current light intensity has only the effect on the product surfaces.

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Thanks, indeed the ground plane shadow isn’t modified by the intensity.

Can you make it possible to hide the measurements window but still show pinned measurements
For when I want to take screenshots or even just not to have it visible while I’m working


I really enjoy new features, but the new context menu (right mouse button) is completely useless.
I’m a MacOS user and was used to double right click my mouse to enter sketch mode instantly, now it takes more clicks (or using the toolbar). Right mouse button was also useful for exit\unselect during edits or panning the draw.

Till recently, Shapr3D approach to CAD and its real power was the simplicity of doing things and FAST. Lately new features, like measuring, took the space of rapidly used tools on the side tools menu, without the ability to customize that menu. Personally I don’t understand why. It doesn’t add feature that weren’t already exist and it complicates thing that were just fine.
For the context menu, I don’t find it helpful, on the contrary it is completely unnecessary.

Can you please (at least) let the user choose or disable this context menu? I consider those changes as a major disruption to the usage of the app.

Thank you, Yuval.

I understand that you don’t like the context menu. However, sketchin is just as easy as it was: hover over any face and press space to switch to sketch mode. Double right click was never really the “official” way of switching to sketch mode.