5.10 - A routine check for better UX

Hi everyone!

The latest app version, 5.10, is in :rocket:

We’re taking baby steps to freshen up Shapr3D so you can make great strides in 3D modeling. Have a look-see at what’s leveled up under the hood:

  • New: If you’ve already completed the onboarding tutorial and you’re using the same platform and input device, you won’t have to redo the tutorial again when you reopen the app.
  • Improved: Already imported a hefty design? The next time you open your project, it’ll load faster because its tessellation data will be cached.
  • Fixed: We ironed out the kinks in 2D Drawings, so adding geometries and section views will be easier. For instance, the app won’t prevent you from adding center marks and it won’t crash anymore when you add section views from the adaptive menu.
  • Fixed: The Sweep tool would sometimes stall if you activated it from the Tools menu, so we put that in order.
  • Fixed: We double-checked our code so it’s guaranteed that your work is always saved. Even though data loss rarely happens, we like to be extra safe. You can take a breath now!
  • Fixed: The Sketch menu won’t misbehave anymore when you switch to the Apple Pencil.
  • Fixed: The SpaceMouse’s camera navigation in the 2D drawings’ paper space didn’t quite follow the camera modes before. But that’s all fixed now.

Thanks. I noticed I had to switch camera views between the modeling space and the drawing space. I’ll give it a shot after the update. :+1:t2:


Great work again on the the App

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