5.20 - Small but mighty bug fixes

Hi everyone :rocket:

Good things do come in small packages. Like this update stuffed with all the tidbits that guarantee Shapr3D will be in tip-top shape. Download the app now via App Store or Shapr3D’s website and get a taste of state-of-the-art CAD:

  • Fixed: We did a little makeover so you’ll have an easier time reading the on-screen text and navigating the app. And if you’re using iPadOS 15, you’ll have a smoother UX.

  • Fixed: If you’re using the SpaceMouse with macOS Monterey, the Trim tool is back in working order. Plus, we got rid of lags that made modeling not so easy.

  • Fixed: The Sweep tool sometimes refused to launch from the Tools menu, so we made sure the tool won’t misbehave anymore.

  • Fixed: As a bonus, we sharpened up the backend so the app won’t be painfully slow anymore when you’re moving items in the Items manager.


Seems to be lots of hang and crash conditions on latest version, I can no longer use ‘share with’ on export, ny apple system prompts seem to cause the app to freeze. Submitted bugs, this is unusual to me for a Shapr update after 2 years, I haven’t really seen a buggy version.

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Mine is crashing a lot. Share With will work but only after a crash or two.