Crashes as soon as I sketch anything

I have been an active Shapr3D user since last year; however, when I opened my Mac today, it just crashed as soon as I created any new sketch (a line, a rectangle). It will stop responding and the spinning colorful wheel will appear and I had to force quit it after 4 min of waiting. I have 64g RAM and M2 Max, so I want to ask for some help here! Thanks!

Please open a support request

If you installed the macOS 15 (Sequoia) beta, there’s your problem. Shapr3D and Sequoia don’t play nicely with each other yet.

@runbof did you?

I did…I think that is the problem! Are there any plans to fix this? I guess I ill have to change to my iPad, meanwhile! Thanks

We don’t support beta operating systems. Once Sequoia will be released, this issue will be fixed.

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That’s what I’ve had to do. At least iPadOS 18 beta doesn’t appear to have a problem with Shapr3D.