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I want to get a new ipad. Can I download shapr to my new ipad on my existing account and how do I transfer my designs to the new ipad?

You’ll need to save each design to a cloud like service or location. I use iCloud Files to save my work. That way any device can access those files. DO NOT delete the app on your old iPad. When you receive your new iPad, then go to your old iPad, and save the files you want in Shapr3D format onto Files. Then access this files with the iPad.

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If you have both iPads, when setting up the new one, you will get the choice to transfer all data from the older one. That should include all the apps and their content, including your designs.

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That worked for me. When I upgraded my iPad, all apps and app contents were transferred.

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This is when Sync is available.

Mike, are you using the Beta sync version?

I’m not using the Beta sync version.
I’m talking about the ability to transfer all data from an old Apple device to a new Apple device. It’s an Apple peer to peer transfer, similar to Airdrop (but not Airdrop). Has nothing to do with Shapr3D.

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Ah. Ok. I was not aware of that. Does it continue to transfer files, once the two iPads are operating Shapr3D? i.e.: I have two different iPads. If I want to use a file from one, I must save it to Files, then import on the other iPad. That’s why I said this in my earliest reply. Thanks Mike!

Hi Tom,
I understand where you are coming from. Yes, with both devices sitting right next to each other, the peer to peer transfer takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on how full the source device is. After the transfer, the source device can be reset to factory settings with erased storage as if ready for a new user, which was my case. If I recall, I had to download Shapr3D again. I don’t think I had to go to the App Store, just clicked on the darkened Shapr3D icon and it would download (if my memory is correct) Then I had to login, because it is a new device, and all my 3D files were there. Note that as a precaution I did save all files to iCloud beforehand as a backup.

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Hey Mike, just an add-on to your experience. Shapr3D would have eventually downloaded on it’s own, by clicking on it, you just told the iPad to prioritize that app to download over the others it randomly chooses to queue. Just an FYI from a former Apple Tech Support guy.

Everyone else: Do keep in mind that large number of transfers (i.e. photos and videos) can take a very long time. It is not uncommon for iCloud files/photos/videos to take nearly a week to 100% sync onto the device if you are one of those that has every-single-photo-they-ever-took stored in iCloud Photos. Syncing also depends on network speed (to some degree), with a non-wifi connection being the slowest way to do so.

Thanks for clarifying. Now that I think of it, I may have clicked on the ‘cloud w/down arrow’ icon.

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