5.240 - More fluid navigation with themes and shortcuts

  • New: Use hotkeys to select sketch pens, constraints, and 3D modeling tools when modeling with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad. To see the full list of available shortcuts, visit our help desk for iPad, Mac, and Windows.

New on Windows:

  • New: Shapr3D now adapts to the system theme and appears in dark mode when enabled on your device.
  • Improved: Assign Shapr3D tools and commands to the buttons of your 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, CadMouse, and Keyboard through the 3Dconnexion driver to easily save and recall custom views.

Shortcuts to turn features like hidden edges on or off would also be helpfull

The list of updates also mentions that S3D makes better use of all resources. Can you elaborate? Does this mean that it will use more than one processor kernel and is able to multitask/thread?