0.24 - Booster shot for pen and keyboard users

Hi everyone!

The latest version of Shapr3D for Windows – Early Access, 0.24, is out :rocket:

So before August comes to a close, soak up some sun and catch these zesty updates:

  • New: We added a checkpoint before the onboarding tutorials for pen users so you can make sure your touch and pen input is compatible with the app. If you’d like to know which devices are compatible, check out our Manual.

  • New: You can now hide each sketching and modeling tool’s instructions that appear on screen. Just select the arrow to hide or show them.

  • New: Take the fast track when you’re annotating your 2D drawings. Use new hotkeys to format the text and more. Hop over to our Manual to see the full list of shortcuts.

  • Fixed: If you’re a keyboard user, then here’s a ray of hope. The Escape hotkey didn’t quite work before, but now you can use it to exit the Trim and Offset Edge tools while sketching.

  • Fixed: We tweaked the 2D drawings feature so once you apply either the ISO or ANSI standard to a drawing sheet, all created views will follow that standard. As a bonus, we patched up the Arc Angle dimension tool so the angle dimensions are always accurately displayed.

  • Fixed: We spruced up the app so you can design without any distraction. When you select a tool first, the Units and Views buttons won’t disappear anymore.

  • Fixed: There were some stowaway bugs that crashed the app during login, made the Snap to menu glitchy, etc., but we made sure to swat them.

Knock yourself out and let us know what you think!

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