Tips for optimizing model for webviewer feature

I’m looking for a resource that will help me optimize models for the webviewer feature.

I get inconsistent results when trying to view models on iOS devices. I would like to know how I could create a copy of a complex model and optimize it so it can be viewed on an iPhone.

It would be nice to know what geometries and textures to avoid or simplify.

I use shapr3d for both small products (furniture) and larger restaurant and retail space layouts. I understand the focus of the program is small parts and individual products but I’ve incorporated into layout and planning spaces and it’s been a very helpful tool to bring to life a client’s vision. The web viewer has been very effective and has impressed several client. If there’s a resource available that can help me understand what I’m asking the webviewer to do when rendering it may help me choose how I set up a model.

I only use shapr3d on IPad as its convenience while I’m in the field is amazing. I’ve included some pictures of previous projects.