Reduce the horizontal width of the items and history panels

The new history panel is very cool, but with it and the items panel showing there’s not a lot of room left for the actual model (I’m on a 12.9" iPad Pro). Anything that could be done to reduce the horizontal width of the item and history panels would be great.

The areas in the image below seem like great candidates:


Totally agree!

The left sidebar is resizable width-wise in the Mac app. The history panel is not, and that should be addressed.

Both sidebars are fixed on the iPad Pro.

Not both

You can choose “more space” here.

I tried More Space. No change. Both sides still fixed.

More space don’t enable resizing of the panels. It just give you more space.
That quite strange that you can’t resize items panel. I see this function for quite long time already.

Ok. I didn’t notice on your white theme instantly but you have resizing control on your items panel just as I have. So just touch it and resize.

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As I said in my original post, I’m on an iPad Pro. Neither panel is resizable there (and there is no “more space” option in Settings).

You can resize the Items sidebar on the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, you can only make the sidebar bigger. :grimacing:

Ah, you can only do it with your finger, not the pencil, hand’t tried that! But I still think there is room for more pixels to be trimmed, and the history panel is quite wide.

As @Xdrakosha pointed out, you can resize via that very faint vertical gray bar shown in the red circle. And as @Bob3DPO pointed out, you can only make it bigger.

Thanks for pointing that out about resizing the Items List and the suggestion about using More Space. Every little bit helps however would be nice if both panels can be reduced in width per @rubillos initial post.

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I’m on iPad Pro too. So all this options is belong to it. Maybe you have old iPad OS. I’m on the latest one.

I get used to hold both panels closed till I need them. On a desktop they always open because screen there is much bigger.

In my case I can resize both using pencil or finger without any problems.

You can resize the History Panel?

No. When I said “both” I meant finger and pencil :slight_smile:

P.S. I understand sometimes my English is not clear enough. Not my mother tongue :slight_smile:

No problem…just a slight grammar thing…happens to all of us :sunglasses:

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