5.580 - New Emissive Material in Visualization

Showcase your models with this new update to Visualization. Plus, a few more enhancements to the History sidebar.

  • New: Achieve that final touch of realism to your luminescent models with the new Emissive Material in Visualization.

  • Improved: For users with History-Based Parametric Modeling, each construction geometry now has its own step in History, making it easier to modify the parameters of the different construction axes or plane types.

  • Improved: For users with History-Based Parametric Modeling, you can now edit loft profiles, loft guides, and the periodicity of lofts for the Loft step in History.

Update Shapr3D now to experience these improvements and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. :arrow_down:


Thanks for those nice improvements.

Thanks for the new material, a really good addition to the visualisation tool!



I saw this lamp in my hotel’s room last week and thought it would be a good candidate for the new emissive material.

Shapr3D modeling

Shapr3D Visualization

Considering that it is real time visualisation, the result is great!
You have to play with the general light of the scene to have something plausible in term of shadow, as the emissive material does not really light the scene. For instance, the inner part of the strap is not illuminated by the light.

As a comparison, I did also a quick render using Light Tracer (ray tracer software).
Of course, the result is more accurate in term of multiple reflexions, but took several minutes of computation, compared to the real time visualization of Shapr3D.

Light Tracer rendering

My workflow at present is to do the design, all the adjustments, material selection and visualization with Shapr3D. When everything is ok, if and only if I need photo realistic picture, I do the final rendering with Light Tracer (low cost version of KeyShot).

Thanks again to the team for this nice addition :+1:.