a few suggestions that could help a lot

  1. Visualization

Toggle-able shadows in visualization, I use 3d models for art most of the time and sometimes the shadows given wouldn’t work (for example in night scenes)

also being able to move them up and down would be great for drones for example

  1. Designing

It would be so much easier if I could make one component, name it, then duplicate and move (using the pattern tool for instance) then if I change one the rest would change in the same way. With out this if I forget one detail I have to: 1. delete all duplicates 2. Make the change 3. Recopy and move


Creating components would be helpful. ATM, the solution I use is creating a folder and then duplicating the folder (the downside being that instead of a instance of a component, it’s a brand new item and thus changing one doesn’t change the others).

I’m currently designing a transport with 24 lights each which had to be hand placed. I do not look forward to someone saying, “You know, can you make them 10 mm larger?”

The correct solution would be implementing componentization.