A few wishes


I have a few wishes for some functions and hope this is the right place to post those:

· changing the size of a rectangle should work from the middle when the rectangle is drawn from the middle. Just like a circle that keeps its center when the diameter is changed the rectangle should do the same.

· Selecting a complex path can be a pain in the … But after having finally succeeded Shapr3D sometimes says that the changes I tried to make will have no effect or can’t be executed for other reasons. I wish in this case my selection was at least preserved - which it is oftentimes not.

· If an object lies flat on the ground extruding is easy as it goes with the spaces axis. But if the object is tilted in space I wish I had the choice if extrusion goes with the regular XYZ axis OR parallel to the tilted surface.

· Exporting layered stl sometimes messes up the layer names. I often - but for some reason not always - get wiered prefixes like “temp_” or “shapr3d_export_2019-06-04_15h27m_”

· at present layers names must not have Umlaut, such as ö, ä, ü. I thought we were living in a modern unicode world? :smile:

· in my way of working the transformation tool is very important/often used. Is there a way to reduce the clicks to actually get to the point where an object can be transformed (as in moved, scaled, rotated)? It seems at least one too many clicks right now given the frequent use of this tool.

I do have more wishes but forget most of them and will come back sooner or later.
I hope I made myself clear. Let me know!

Keep the good work up! Great, great tool! Love it!

Best regards
Jürgen from Berlin

Hi Jürgen

The Rectangle can be drawn from the centre.
Click once on its Icon and it reveals the three options available.

One down at least?

Best wishes,


I think Jürgen has a point here as well, I’m afraid. When you adjust a rectangle it doesn’t modify according to its midpoint, but rather in a way that has the least amount of modifications. We don’t recognize rectangles as rectangles, but rather as four lines, once we do - this will come automatically :slight_smile:

To ‘round’ [pun intended] the matter of the Rectangle off it should be recorded that the S3D Team resolved the problem late in 2019.
Along with similar tweaks to other tools.

Another reason why Version History should be moved from the Apple App Store page to this Forum?

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