Why is it impossible to move a closed sketch square or rectangle from its center?

Having a super frustrating experience just trying to move a closed sketch (rectangle/square) from it’s center point. Much easier with a trapezoid or circle.

I’ve given up and just move it from one of its edges. But what if I need to center the rectangle on an axis plane, etc? I’ve watched the videos on moving a sketch, I’ve played with different pressure, etc, but it’s getting me nowhere. I don’t have a screen protector, it’s brand a new iPad Pro 2018…what am I doing wrong?

If I double tap a closed rectangle and then see all points (including the center point), I try to move it then, but instead draw a new line inadvertently. If I deep press on that center point, the iPad makes a bass noise with a solid blue dot animation and does nothing afterwards if I try to move the rectangle. Any advice? Thanks.

This seems very simple. The small square was off to the right and outside the large square. I X’d the small square and moved and snapped it to the center of the large square. You can then trim out the X.


In real drawing however I cannot remember ever doing this…

Hope this helps…



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Well then why can I move a trap sketch from the mid? See pic.

IDK…my copy of this software is very ‘whatever it’s feeling for the day, it’ll let me do’. Feels really finicky image

If a mid on a square or rectangle can’t be moved from center, how is it easily centered in a position by easily dragging? Or does all this require numeric input?

Typo: the trap point appears to be an arc radius mid…?

Not sure what you mean by center but I was able to move the polygon just like I moved the square.


image Thanks, I’m not sure I understand the X on the inside square in your drawing but I did manage to move and center a smaller square in a larger square - but only by drawing in 1” incrementents and by selecting the outside edge of the square and having it snap to grid, but I didn’t see any centering guidelines … I have guides switched ON yet nothing but the grid’s rounding snaps this example to center. What if my squares are fractions of an inch? Do centering guides then appear?

The X defines the center, even if it were a rectangle.



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Understood…after drawing a few Xs and moving them around with other elements the environment, I’ve quickly taken note how much my fundamentals in geometry have lagged & become lazy working with other applications up till now.
I suppose it takes 2 seconds to draw these marks. Thanks.


I’ll throw in my 2cts as well…
Jared, please bear in mind, that there are different versions of the app out there with slightly different behavior in moving objects (and perhaps other functionality??? @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D) - unfortunately new users seem to get a random version when downloading from the AppStore.

The problem with moving and aligning closed shapes and bodies is also discussed in another thread originated by me (just have a look in this forum) - you will find other beneficial resources in there…

Cheers Chris

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