Add a local face to an arc

How to build such a locally convex arc surface on the arc surface? After adding arc surface, the joint cannot be tangent,Thank you


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This is close but not exact. I kinda went outside the box (literally) to do this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your suggestion. It’s hard work, but there’s no good way to solve this problem because the arrow is fused with the back and the face.

Agree. I tried using Loft with a couple of guided curves but I couldn’t get it to work. So, I simply settled using a simple Loft just share at this time.


Thank you!

I made a simple change. Instead of moving the lofted body down flush with base body by 1", I moved it 1.003". After the union I made a fillet radius. Much smoother now.


I tried the loft solution as suggested by @TigerMike.
I wasn’t able to do it with less than 4 sections and 3 guides and it was not that trivial to make it work.

As the local arc face is not parallel to the body’s edge, you need to create 2 cross sections that are parallel to the arc edge, in order to orientate the lofting.

First video shows the lofting and the result, while the second (pretty long one) shows the whole process.

Hope it can help.


Thank you for your guidance.