Add and delete views in drawings

When I try to create a drawing after selecting a few objects, I’m only given the option to include 4 views or 0 views. If I choose the 4 views, I can’t figure out how to select and delete any of the views. If I choose 0 views, I can’t figure out how to add any views. Given an existing view, I figured out how to additional views (projection, section, etc.) based on that, but that is not useful unless I can delete some of the other views cluttering up the drawing.
Note: I’m using the beta if that makes any difference.


Thanks for the feedback! This flow is not the speediest indeed, but soon with one of the upcoming releases we will make it a lot easier. What you will have is, if you start a Drawing with zero views the base view tool will start automatically, so you can jump right in defining the views you need.

Regarding view selection and deletion when you have 4 views, you need to double click on the view to select it, then you can either use the delete button on a keyboard or click the bin icon on the side bar to delete the view. The beta should not be different. Quick illustration below: (3)