Add Bodies

When “Adding Bodies” in my drawing they never showed up. It showed them selected but never appeared in my drawing. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Rogerlj , just to make sure that I understand correctly: you click on any of the views in the bottom and nothing happens, right?

No, I needed to add the 3 nuts you now can see on the under side of the lifting fixture but they never appeared on the drawing though they appeared highlighted on the 3D model. All the view buttons seem to work. There’s a really good chance I’m doing something wrong, just not sure what it is? I ended up starting the drawing over from scratch since it was quite simple anyway and just captured all features in my new draft.

On another note… when I had 2 drawings they both read 1of 1 in the title block when I expected a 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. But I’m down to 1 drawing now anyway so that no longer really matters for this project.

Are you doing it like this?

Well I just did a quick second test and I was doing something wrong. My test worked just fine and I was able to add to my drawing.

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Great news! :slight_smile:

Thanks for such a fast response!


Always happy to help!

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