Add Construction Plane in the History

There are multiple ways of adding a Construction Plane.

Some of them

  • do not remeber by which references
  • or does not show the properties in the history so you are unable to change them manually.

In the detail:

  • parallel to face at point
    Reference seems ok but it is not visible → Unable to change

  • through edge at an angel
    No reference to edge at all? Does not change when “parent” in history changes.
    Missing or not showing property for angel → Unable to change

  • perpendicular to edge
    Missing or not showing reference to point → Unable to change

  • through 3 points
    Reference seems ok but is not visible. → Unable to change

  • midplane
    Seems ok

  • Perpendular to curve at point
    Missing or not showing reference to point → Unable to change
    !!! Does create multiple planes while selecting the edge! Works different in its way of adding like the other types

Also what i whould improve is, not creating different entries in the history for each type. I would suggest adding the type as a property so you can change it afterwards if neccessary.

We are working on making it possible to change the types of construction planes you’ve mentioned as we speak, it should be available in a few weeks.

That is good to hear. It’s always difficult when you do not know what is part of „in progress“ and „might be a bug“ or „still not considered”. Well that’s the way it is. Keep working on it.

I’d also like to see the ability to creat a plane defined by two parallel edges, not just intersecting ones.