Help me

Hi guys, my name is Alex and I’m new to the forum.
I am writing to ask info regarding the possibility to export a pdf or a screenshot of a drawing with dimensions and visible measures. Possibly? If you like?

Thank you very much

Hi - this is not currently possible. You can export pictures through the Screenshot tool, but dimensions are not shown. We have noted the request however, this feature is already on the roadmap. (No ETA)

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In the meantime, in the way of a solution. You can export the file you created in a .step/.stp format. There are both online services, and free desktop CAD software, that will create a drawing from the step file, allow you to dimension, and export as a PDF.

Just remember, desktop CAD programs — have a steep learning curve, and require you to have used ‘Best Practices’ in creating the file with Shapr3D. That means grouping properly, naming, and creating the data, in a usable composition.

Doing a quick search on Upwork for folks who do this type of work. Not only will they finish the drawing, but they will shade it correctly for the USPTO (a bigger deal than you might think,) and provide you the output you need. Freelancers like this, typically charge $30 an hour.

This information is just in case; if you’re unable to wait for this feature — Shapr3D is awesome, but to get a product to market, you’re going to need a little more. So by all means, a mixed solution! :slight_smile:

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What we do is load the screen shot into Graphic (an iPad and Desktop app)
From there they have a demension Line tool
It takes a bit of tweaking but is you set the scale correctly in the app you can get a pretty good jump on having the dimensions correlate with the drawings
Yes! It’s a work around but it works for some things :blush:

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This feature is vital to work in reference planes. Please include this feature as soon as possible. Congratulations for this fantastic product.
Thanks a lot.