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Hi all I would like to leave or add the dimensions of the drawings so I can print them and give them to the work shop floor for production anyone help?

If you have CAD, you can export a sketch as a drawing (DWG or DXF) and add the dimensions. To create a sketch of a completed model, set up planes corresponding to your standard views and use the Project command to place the line work on the plane. Then export this to CAD.

So there is no way to do this in the app/

No, nor yet. They are working on it.

Hi @Edward89 Welcome to the Forum.
It depends what you want, and if you want it now you will have to use a method that is available. But it is not true to say it cannot be done within S3D.
Note that to save time not all possible Dimensions have been included.

Set up 3 instances of the same Body so that all appropriate Faces can be Tools > Projected onto a Plane.
If necessary make a Plane available by Tapping on an appropriate Face and then use Add > Construction Plane > choosing the Option Offset and then drag the Arrow to a suitable distance to position the CP.
Open Items and Select ALL of the Bodies needed from the List then use Project and in this case this is the result:

Something similar can be done using the Bodies.
Note that in the following:
ALL the needed Faces have been aligned onto the SAME Plane.
Some of the Lines used to generate the Dimension have been ‘Hidden’ by drawing them directly on the Edges of a Body.
The Lines that remain visible are purely to demonstrate functionality:

Happy S3Ding

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