Dimensions in Screenshot

Pretty straight forward. Is there a way to have a sketch fully dimensioned and then take a screenshot of it?

I’m deconstructing a 3D shape into it’s different faces so I can build it in real life with cardboard. I’d like to have each face of the shape isolated as an image with it’s dimensions so I can follow along without having to have my iPad in the garage.


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Hi @drakermann,

Sketches can be exported with dimensions to DWG/DXF, would that help?


I do this all the time, for items created in my garage:

However you cannot, at present, use the Export > Image route.

Simply take a ScreenShot.

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Thanks for the reply! I haven’t been using the app for awhile and now that I’m back on, I couldn’t figure out how to get all the dimensions of a sketch to appear at the same time. I felt so dumb because I remember being able to do exactly this, and a screenshot was fine for my purposes. However, yesterday I could only get one dimension to appear on my sketch at a time, never more than one. It must be something so simple that I’m forgetting.

Never mind, I figured out I just have to lock the dimensions first. Duuuhhhhhh lol. Thanks for the help, this solves my issue now. :slight_smile: