Align text around the inside of a circle

I have a circle and wish to align text to the inside of the circle, but have no idea how that can be accomplished. Same as you would see on a Tachometer.

Thank you for Reaching out, what you can do is use project to Sketch the letters on the circle.

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Third party vector program. Export text to dxf. Import DFX to design. It is the most elegant way. I use Corel Draw in Windows for such tasks.

For us 3D Printer fans CHECK THIS OUT! PRUSA SLICER TEXT FEATURE :point_down:


Not sure how I can do that, I’ve tried a couple of ways but just seem to duplicate the text. (Using project)

What you are trying to do inside Shapr is clunky to the point of nope. Not sure about Mac tools. At some point you have to accept Shapr’s limitations and focus on it’s strengths. Let other programs help where it cannot.

Thanks, I thought I must be missing something as Your example above is all I was able to produce. I’ll try some other tools, that does seem the best solution at present.