Adding mud/clay/brick materials

Hi, I am an university student working as a part time 3D modeller. I have been using shapr3D for a lot of my school projects and for clients as well.

I have a suggestion for the Shapr3D team. Can you add clay, mud, and brick or materials that have similar texture and look to the current materials catalogue under the visualisation function?

This will be a good addition because currently I am helping one of my clients to model a very old and important building and that model will be used as an asset for a AR/VR tour session that teaches the significance and history of that place and building. That building was made out of mud and bricks and I am trying to make it as close as it can be to the original building.

It would be really good if you take these suggestions into your consideration! :grin::pray:


Yes! Agreed 100%. I am modeling the old farmstead house that my great grandparents built and settled and it has brick and wood. It would be fantastic to implement these as ‘makable’ and ‘printable’ textures. Mine is just for pleasure, but it would be an asset for those who make and build for their career.

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He @Maddy1707 and @Sneakscope , we are continuously adding more and more materials and environments to Visualization. The next batch is coming in the next few weeks, and you can expect even more later this year.