More materials, refined selection and reflection in new beta

Another batch of Visualization improvements are here:

  • New materials are added to the mix (anodized metal, copper, walnut, mahogany)
  • Selection is now running smoother
  • Reflections are flashier than before

Let us know if you miss materials!


Improving for every update :slight_smile: My 500 parts Lego file seems to crash the app though :sweat_smile: It might be because all the lego parts have multiple Lego logo on every part.


Hi Daniel,
I would like to have more fabrics to choose from

best regards Robert



Just wondering how do I get the different backgrounds on the rendered projects like soe of the others posted.

Thank you

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For now, simply build them in Shapr :slight_smile:
Later we will add full fledged mesh environments.


Please add pitch black and light as materials :slight_smile:
And thank you for the other materials. Anodised metal was a must :slight_smile:

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It would be great if we had more options for ground materials. Floors, sand, soil, asphalt, grass etc

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Great point, can you please share an example of where you would use these

I don’t have anything specific in mind, just in general.
For furnitures wooden/stone/vinyl floors, for vehicles asphalt/soil/mud/grass but these are also good for houses or buildings. At the moment if you want something under your model for shadows you can use only the same materials.

Please add liquid material. Is it possible to make the real rendering of materials in AR like visual materials appear in front of us in the future?

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Yes, materials in AR is a possibility, and we have it on our roadmap (albeit nor prioritized at the moment).

What sort of liquids would you like to have?


The liquid materials needed are: water, coffee, milk, red wine, beer, juice of different colors, etc.


I would like to improve for architecture modeling, they have often garden, courtyard, site of the residence…so we’ll happy if they join to Shapr3D :slight_smile:

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I would really love to see plywood edges for furniture etc…. So there is a face with the face veneer, but the edges show the striped nature of plywood.


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Just chiming in to tell that I’d love to have the same materials available, plus fluids!
Be it water, oil, mud-like… a bit of spice can’t harm.
On a personal level, those would be for artistic work without any production in mind, as well as much requested presentations of my work in a “natural and lifelike” environment.
That said, I just got a friend to try out Shapr3D. He’s an urbanist and landscape designer, so I guess I’m “speaking” on his behalf.
More seriously though, landscape design and eco-friendly urbanism are quite the rage right now, and they will probably not be/stay hype only. In other words, whatever you can find in a city, a garden, a forest, near a lake (or in a lake) will be asked for. Better be ready early, no?

Edit: just thought of abalone inlays for guitar fretboards. Either natural or synthetic, greenish, bluish, greyish or full white! Sorry if it’s a bit off-topic, but since we’re talking materials…