Control points not working

Creating multiple control points by pressing down on pen will not work it does one then nothing. I’m a beginner sure it did it in tutorial then now it will not work

Hi @Hannibalprojects Welcome to the Forum.

From what you are saying please double check you have the set up the correct choice:

I.e., Sketch > Spline > choose the Control option

Don’t try too hard to create the Spline that you want, treat this in a relaxed way to acquire the technique and get the feel of creating a Spline Control Point.
Whatever hand you use draw a gentle curve with one steady sweep.
When you feel ready select the Spline tool:

Press down on the Pencil Tip until you hear and see the Control Point ‘effects’.
You can lift he Tip off the Surface and repeatedly make contact again and press down to repeat the effect of the Control Point being created.
This should soon enable you to create a Control Point when it is needed.

Next start as if drawing a Line or Curve keep steady contact between Tip and Screen Surface, use your new found skill to press down to create a Control Point at any time you wish.

When you release the pressure on the Pencil to continue across the Screen ensure you maintain good contact between the Tip and Screen.

Most importantly relax and have fun, use your successful Splines and experiment by moving the Control Points.

It would be great to her how you progress, happy S3Ding.

Still only allowing me to create one control point on a line
So I’m unable to draw a basic S line to follow tutorial

It is worth checking that you have the latest version of Shapr3D.
When updates are released often there is no indication until you visit the App Store.
Search for Shapr3D, click on the Title Area and then look to right of the screen for Version History. Click on the Blue Version History and note the latest version [3.48 as at 03 September 2020].
Then hit Back to return to the Shapr3D information page.
At this point often Open has been changed to Update
To double check you have the latest version, open Shaper to begin a Design, click on the Gearwheel in the bottom righthand corner of the Screen.
Verify the version Number.

You could try visiting Settings > General > Shut Down > Power Off.
After a short period restart the iPad.
Then revisit the problem.
This often resolves glitches like this.

Assuming that the setting producing the result you are experiencing is when using the Control option, have you tried using the Fit option?

  1. Does the Control Point make a sound and display a small Blue area around the Pencil Tip when you press down?

  2. If you lift the Pencil off of the Screen before placing it down again are the expected sound and Blue area being produced?

  3. When you experience a Single Control Point being created:

Does this happen at the beginning of the Line before attempting to draw a Line?


Does it happen after drawing the first part of the Line?

Updated to 3.49

  1. Yes but only once on each spline created
    2 yes
    3 starts line hard press once sets control point continue line hard press. Nothing

If you have attempted a Restart and have the latest version of S3D, now v 3.49, then you need help from the S3D Team. Usually they would have chimed in by now.
Hang in there.

Had to cancel subscription no resolve on issue :pensive:

Very sorry to learn about your predicament.
If you still want to use it and have S3D loaded hit the More Icon [3 Dots under your Post, to the right]
Then hit the Flag and choose Something Else and ask for help on the basis of ensuring functionality before purchasing a licence.

Did you switch to spline mode? Previously the spline was included in the line/arc tool. Now it’s a separate tool. Also you can try to lower the required pressure in the settings menu.

Could have something to do with pen pressure sensitivity. Seems to me I saw something about that. At first I felt like I had to really press hard to get the control points to “click”. Now it seems better, maybe since update.