Adding sketches to distinct body

How do I control what body new sketches are added in? If I’m designing, say, a wooden block on top of a metal block, the first “metal” cube is straightforward enough, but when I try to make a second cube on top of that, all the new elements are part of what I want to be a distinct “wooden” cube seem to auto-fuse with the existing metal one. How do I control this?

Hi, I’m guessing that you are trying to attach the sketch to the body by dragging and dropping them on the body.

  • You can hide one of the bodies from the Items menu by tapping on the eye icon by the body
  • Double-tap on the face of the body you will want to have the sketch on using a finger
  • Then directly draw the sketch on the body on the 2d view

Let me know if this helps as I’m glad to further assist.

That sounds about right. I would like to have use the existing body as a guide, so the new vertices are snapping to the geometry of the existing cube, but without adding to that pre-existing body.

If I hide the first cube, its vertices and edges aren’t available for snapping (guiding), but the new sketches are created in a new body.

I’m looking for a way to have both snapping and separation. Is there a way to do that? Sorry for the very basic question. :slight_smile:

Hi Ramon, no worries :slight_smile:
I think I understand what you are saying but I can proffer a better suggestion if I see what your design looks like.
Please can you upload a screenshot showing your design?

Sure. It’s not a real design. Just a simple scenario that illustrates the problem, but here it is. I’ve created this by making two cubes separately, then MOVING the green one on top of the blue. If I try to create it in-place, as I would naturally tend to, I end up with a single body.

If I understand correctly, you want to create a new body from a sketch that was made on top of a body. After you extrude the new body, click on the icon below the dimension and from there select New Body as it defaults to Union.


Oh, yes. That’s exactly what I needed!

I went through almost all the tutorials, but didn’t see that. I hope it’s covered, as it seems quite important! But now I know, at least. Thanks very much!!