Backing out of Extrude

As I’m figuring out how to do things I often find that I sketched something and extruded, but I want to change the sketch, and redo the Extrude. It seems that the two are separate, so if I move my splines, the bodies stay unchanged. Can I delete a body somehow without loosing the sketch it was made from?

SORRY! The Clips are not playing I will redo them and get right back
Having remade the Clips they still do not function ON THIS PAGE although run fine elsewhere.
Rebooting my Mac resolved the problem.

Sketches, in the form of Closed Shapes, can create a Body.
When Bodies are created they are immediately separate from their Sketches, just Delete the Body the Sketch is untouched:

If your Sketch is complex and you need to make alterations use Design Thumbnails to create a Duplicate, and then work with the Copy version:

NB. Remember to tidy up after making the alteration Rename or Delete as appropriate before you get ‘buried’ in Designs.
I am now going to Delete all the ‘designs’ created to hide my work :sunglasses:.