Active sketch plane

I’ am sure I’m missing something. I decided to spend an afternoon with Shapr3D. I did several tutorials but the one I got hung up on should have been simple.

I did the electric motor tutorial but my problem came when trying to draw the ears or fins on the frame. I had trouble keeping the sketch plane in the right place. If I drew a tiny circle right on the face of the frame ok but anything else reverted back to the axis plane which is floating in front of plane I needed to be on. Every time I would rotate display to see how everything looked, I could not get back to seeing my sketch straight on. By clicking the ‘front’ view, my sketching plane would be on the front view plane. Not where I was trying to draw.

I have close to 20 years experience in Solidworks, so something from that world is preventing me from doing what seems to be fairly simple.

In a nutshell, How can I keep my sketching plane persistent?

Hi Rhandi,

You can relocate the active sketching plane (grid) by…:

  • either double tapping on a body face or a construction plane
  • or selecting a preset view from the top right menu

Please see this video:

  1. If you start sketching on a body face, the sketch will be automatically placed right on the body, regardless where your sketching plane is. If you sketch outside of bodies, the sketch will be placed on the default sketching grid.
  2. To make sure all your sketches will be placed on the same plane as a specific body face, double tap that face with your finger first.
  3. To reset the sketching grid to the default plane, go to the top right menu, and hit ‘Reset view and grid’

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks

Also: In Shapr3D there is no such thing as “active sketchplane”. Your sketches will go to the plane where you szart deawing, either on the grid or on a planar face. Peter was referring to the grid.