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Whenever I want to make a sketch, it is automatically put on the plane of an already existing sketch

By default, all sketches go on the Orthogonal planes XY, ZY or XZ depending on which face you chose or are closest to in camera view.

You have to create a separate plane to sketch on…
OR, before adding another sketch, Go into 3D view, select the sketch and pick the MOVE ROTATE tool to show the move rotate widget and drag that sketch off the main plane you drew it on.

You can then draw another sketch and it will be on the original main plane- Or, you can select the sketchy you moved and click sketch to draw on the moved plane the first sketch is on.

As a new user- its a good idea to click on the tutorials tab and turn thru them all… there is one specifically about creating and using different planes.

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I followed all the tutorials, but nothing to do. My sketches always put on the same sketch plane, I would like to make different sketch plan, how to do?

You can select to draw the sketch on an existing plane on a body by double-tapping on a planar surface with your finger.
If you need a plane anywhere in your workspace, you can create new construction planes in the Add menu in the toolbar.