Additional Subscription Options

I’m a big fan of Shapr3D and am still what I would consider a novice / hobbyist. As I’ve discussed with other 3D printing hobbyists, like myself, we all would love to have an option for a lower cost subscription. Most of use are fine with the free subscription, but would love a few extra features, like high-res export, increase in projects (maybe 10), etc. Even if there was a restriction for non-commercial (personal) use only. I would gladly pay $99/yr for Shapr3D instead of being tied to Fusion360 on my PC.

As someone that deals with licensing / contracts as part of my day job, I fully understand your model, but I think you have a growing community of users that love your product that would pay as a hobbyist or a non-commercial user. Maybe worth your consideration.

Kind Regards!

Hi! Thank you for the kind words and for being a fan. This is a question that comes up every now & then and has been answered and discussed in depth in this thread:

Thank you! I wish I had seen that thread before I created a new one. It sounds like you have the support from the hobbyist community to add a revenue stream, and from the looks of that thread, some pretty passionate people love your product and want to support it financially. For myself and the others who have shown interest, I hope Shapr3D can figure out what makes sense from a business perspective to support us! I hope this is acknowledged not as a complaint, but from a supportive recommendation perspective. We all understand your business needs to grow and in everyone’s best interest don’t want to get in the way of that.