Pricing options for very small businesses

I am starting a 3D printing business, and I tried the free version of Shapr3D. It’s a really nice software, and I’d like to incorporate it into my arsenal of software for my business. The only problem is that I’m just one freelance creator, and I can’t possibly justify the $300 a year price-tag at this point, I don’t make even close to that off this business yet. A $100 a year or less subscription a year would make it a lot more reachable. I don’t need all of the advanced features, this $100 cheaper option could even have a bunch of limits like a bigger limit on number of concurrent projects (maybe something like 20 projects at a time or something), not all of the advance “visualization” features or whatever they’re called, just the basic modeling tools that are included with the free version, more open projects, and the ability to use it to create content to sell (commercial license). I’m sure an option like this would attract more artists like me to use your software, because currently, it’s sadly too expensive for me to justify. I’ve been able to find alternatives that are more affordable that can do most of the things I need, but this software really would be a more streamlined solution, it’s just prohibitively expensive. I’d really appreciate it if you considered adding a cheaper point of entry subscription that still has limited features like the free version, but can be used for making things to sell for one-man businesses. Maybe it could even be a requirement of using this cheaper version, that only one person can use the license, that way the more expensive tier for teams of designers still has that advantage as well.

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Hi @KalCad, while we always try to make Shapr3D as accessible as possible, it’s not possible to introduce a lower tier.

I understand, thank you for your time. :+1:t2: