Editing line dimensions moves start point and everything else

I’m drawing a floor plan for my apartment. About half the time, if I draw a new line and then adjust the length, the line length changes, but everything else in the model moves!

For example:
I draw a new line to add a wall, but it’s not long enough. I change the dimension to make it long enough. When I hit the check, the new line becomes the right length, but the end point hasn’t moved. Instead, the origin point, and everything attached it it, shifts and warps.

It sounds related to the issue discussed here, but there was no resolution: Irritating Line Move with Longer Length

How do I make this stop happening?

Shapr3D 4.8.1 on iPadOS 14.8.1

Hello, please lock your lines OR add a horizontal/vertical constraints to them in case you don’t want them moved. At the moment, this is the best way to circumvent these accidental movements.

You can read more about constraining your sketches in our dedicated Manual page.

I understand that this is a gruesome process, but we are on the issue and hopefully we can come up with a solution that means less locking and / or less accidental rearrangements of sketches.

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That was over TWO years ago. When will this exasperating problem be solved? I’ve wasted lots of time because of it. Why on Earth would this annoying behavior be the default in a CAD program? It is a major flaw and should have been corrected long ago, along with several other problems. Are Shapr3D users expected to have the patience of Job?