Advisory message ‘Something went wrong no changes, were made’

Working on a file in Shapr3D I was creating Numeral Outlines with a view to converting them into Bodies so that they will be visible in a Design.
During the process it became obvious that to obtain a balance Font adjustments would be required so alterations were made to 1; 2; 3:
4 & 5, the cause of the alterations, were commenced when the message:

Something went wrong, no changes were made

appeared and reappears with everything and anything tried, I.e., using different tools and features, closing and reopening S3D and so on.

Opening a previous Design everything seems to be normal, I was relieved on reopening the ‘Numerals’ File to find everything was back to ‘normal ‘.
Normal in this case meaning that frequently while using Sketch > Pen then switching to Sketch > Trim tapping on the portion of a Line to be removed [in the enclosed Shape of the 4 crossbar and the 5 Top bar] 8mm immediately switches back to Sketch Pen.

The workaround is to select and delete the entire Line containing the unwanted portion. On many occasions it takes several attempts to achieve the desired selection.

Having used Trim frequently the above scenario only appeared in this particular File.
Perhaps there is something wrong with my technique?

The File in question will be sent to S3D Support, named Trim Test [would be good to learn if ‘naming’ is useful in instances like this].

Very much appreciate the ‘auto(?) pop up’ Helper Videos, hopefully these will continue to expand coverage, particularly useful is that they seem only to appear when needed.

Can your reproduce the issue? If you can, it would be super helpful if you could share a way to reproduce it. We show this error message when an unexpected error happens, that should never happen. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the File sent to Support?

This has happened with several Files copied from the first file in series developing this Design.
I will start completely afresh with a similar Design and update ASAP.

Firstly, I have just seen a Mail Undelivered Notice indicating that the Trim Test message could not be delivered. Doubtless this will happen with Trim Test 2 [already ‘sent’].
Both Shapr Files were sent to

Trim Test 2 has been sent to Support.

In a similar vein to the first File, rather than delay alterations to the height of the ‘Font’ have been left for later action, during creation a similar situation to that previously experienced in that it took several attempts to Trim Lines. Tapping on Trim immediately switched back to Pen with the Sketch appearing as in the attached ScreenShot.

The above is an attempted reconstruction. Originally the Top Line, of the intended Mid Bar, touched but did not properly contact the Top Inner Curve of the #3. Following that it was replaced with a Line that crossed through well into the Closed Shape. Thereafter behaviour was as expected.


Hello, thanks a lot for sending the file over to us. We received the Trim test 2 file. Testing from here I’m not able to reproduce the issue and everything seems to work great. I responded to your email sending you a screen recording of what I have and some suggestions. We can continue troubleshooting via direct emailing. Thanks again.